Eng. Peter Ulanga

CEO & Fund Manager: UCSAF

Mkurugenzi Mtendaji

Dear Visitor,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Universal Communications Service Access Fund's (UCSAF) website. UCSAF has been established by Universal Communications Service Access Act, 2006 with the key objective to foster social and economic development in rural and urban areas through ICT intervention. Other Objectives of Fund's establishment include to ensure the availability of communication services in rural and urban underserved areas, to promote the participation of the public and private sector in the provision of universal communication services to the rural and urban underserved areas as well as creating a framework for an open and efficient access to and use of communication networks and service in production and availability of competitive market.

To meet its objectives UCSAF undertakes the following functions:

  1. Identify the communications project areas that may be subsidized with funds of the fund or that qualify to for allocation of subsidy by the fund

  2. Determine the criteria to identify the rural and urban under-served areas and designate universal service areas

  3. Establish mechanism for a proper management of funds

  4. Set the bidding conditions for the awarding of funds

  5. Evaluate the communications services submitted by operators, to be subsidized with the Fund

  6. Conduct research into and keep abreast of developments in the rural and urban under-served areas regarding on communication services and Information Technologies (IT).

We are proud to present you with this website through which the public will be informed the recent development with the Fund including tenders advertisements, progress of Fund's Projects and much more.

Once again, welcome to our website which you will find to be valuable with issues regarding extension of universal services to rural and urban underserved areas.

Thank you for your continued support.

Eng. Peter Ulanga

CEO & Fund Manager: UCSAF

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