Posted On: Aug, 09 2021

Communication Minister in Zanzibar wants Headmasters and ICT Teachers not to lock computers in cabinets

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The Minister of Works, Communications and Transport of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (SMZ) Hon. Rahma Kassim Ali has urged head teachers and ICT teachers not to lock in the cupboards ICT equipment provided by the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF) while instructing them to ensure that they are used for the intended purposes.

The Minister said this at the launch of the fifth phase of the project to distribute ICT equipment and connect schools to the internet (school connectivity), an event held at Hasnuu Makame Secondary School, Southern Region Unguja Islands.

Hon, Rahma said that teachers have a responsibility to maintain and ensure that the equipment is used in learning and teaching to achieve the Government's goals of ensuring students receive ICT education from school to match the rapid growth of the industry in the world.

Speaking at the event, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works, Communications and Transport Amour Hamil said, the Government's commitment is to transform Tanzania and make it digital by ensuring that communication and information technology is reaching all areas including rural and peripheral areas.

The Unguja South Regional Commissioner, Rashid Hadid thanked UCSAF and added that the equipment will help boost the level of ICT education in the region while promising that he will ensure that the equipment is maintained, respected and used for its intended purposes.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF), Ms. Justina Mashiba said, the fifth phase of the project has costed more than 112 million shillings purchasing 795 computers and 159 printers which will be provided to 159 schools in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Each school will get five computers and one printer. She added that the schools will also be connected to the internet with the aim of helping teachers and students to search for various information with electronic content in teaching and learning.

She said, UCSAF has seen an opportunity to invest in students in schools by providing them with ICT equipment so that they gain an understanding that will help them keep pace with the rapid growth of information and communication technology in the world.

And the Director for Communications Department from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Engineer Clarence Ichwekeleza has said that in order to keep pace with technological change in the world, Tanzania needs young people who will have more knowledge and skills in ICT.