Posted On: Mar, 19 2021

Minister Ndugulile visits TBC community radio Studios built with UCSAF funding

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The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Hon. Dr. Faustine Ndugulile has visited the TBC studios built by the Government through the Universal Communications Access Fund [UCSAF] in Arusha Region. The construction of the studios cost a total of 605 million Tanzanian shillings while UCSAF provided 400 million of them, the money that was used to purchase equipment for the building.

"We want to make sure that Tanzanian radio and Television bring content to the people living in remote areas instead of listening or watching TV’s from neighbouring countries" said Minister Ndugulile.

Speaking on behalf of the Director General of the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation [TBC] Ms. Happiness Ngasala said they are grateful to the Government through UCSAF for recognizing that TBC has a responsibility to reach all Tanzanians.

She added that community radios are important in reaching out to the people based on the proper needs of that particular community.

The community radio station has been broadcasting various programs, especially those related to agriculture and animal husbandry with the aim of providing the people with proper education that will help them increase their income through these activities.