Posted On: Mar, 12 2021

Minister Ndugulile visits UCSAF ICT centres in Zanzibar

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Minister of Communications and Information Technology Hon. Dr. Faustine Ndugulile has paid a visit to Government-owned ICT centres through the Universal Communications Access Fund {UCSAF} located in Wete, Machomane, Micheweni and Chonza on Pemba Island which are among the ten centres built at a cost of 1,138,000,000 shillings in Zanzibar to provide ICT services to citizens.

In addition Dr. Ndugulile called on the institutions under his Ministry to work together in some areas to facilitate access to communication services for the people.

"If we can do better in existing ICT centers, it will give us more power to expand the scope of such centres in other areas, so that ICT services which are the basic right of every citizen are available to a wider scope on the islands," said Dr Ndugulile.

On the other hand, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works, Communications and Transport Amour Bakari said that there will be an emergency plan to ensure the centres are operational within a week and later have a sustainable plan to ensure that they continue to be used.