Function of the Fund

  1. Identify the communications project areas that may be subsidized with funds of the Fund or that qualify for allocation of subsidy by the Fund
  2. Determine criteria to identify the rural and urban underserved areas and designate universal service areas
  3. Establish the mechanism for a proper management of funds
  4. Set the bidding condition for awarding of the funds
  5. Evaluate communications projects submitted by operators to be subsidized by the Fund
  6. Conduct research into and keep abreast of developments in the rural and urban underserved areas regarding on communication services and information technologies
  7. Advise the authority on any matter relating to the universal access, universal service obligations of applicants
  8. Specify the universal service obligation through defining a set of communication services that all users should have access to at an affordable price;
  9. Designate universal service providers with obligation to provide universal service in accordance with laid down criteria;
  10. Monitor and enforce agreements relating to implementation of universal service obligation;
  11. Operate and maintain a universal service fund established herein;
  12. Monitor and enforce the mechanism for the assessment, collection and recovery of the universal service levy;
  13. Determine and distribute the universal service subsidy;
  14. Recommend to the Minister about policy guidelines for the Fund;
  15. Manage the financial resources of the Fund and make the most suitable allocation of the funds;
  16. Liaise, consult and cooperate with Ministries of Government, Independent Departments or Authority on matters related to the universal service; and
  17. Make guidelines for the operation of the Fund.